Les Fleurs Salées 2 – the next kinetic object

Another new kinetic object was created especially for the occasion “Frauen zeigt Euch”, a group exhibition for International Women’s Day 2018.

“Les Fleurs Salées 2” (~ The Salty Flowers) symbolise the delicate balancing act that women have always performed on a daily basis:
in family, at work, in society.

A salty-sweet affair, which, due to its apparent lightness often gets underestimated.

Salzwinde wehen – a kinetic object
“Big bang, big noise, rock salt, sea salt – a delicate balance”

This kinetic object (‘salty winds are blowing’) was especially created for the SALZ-Exhibition at the cultural arts center LHW, Mölln, in Oct./Nov. 2017.

It symbolises a very delicate balance that particularly concerns us all…

corroded steel, paper, stone, glass
~ 200 x 300 cm, 2017


Videos on “Salzwinde wehen”:





Improvised singing at the Vernissage and Finissage
by professional singer Lene Clara Strindberg.

kōrā – statues in pursuit

Three persons are reaching for their goal:
to proof the impossible

The fat lady not only sings but lifts all her weight with just one arm.

The old man shows he can still get it up

The little man will eventually reach his aim, because he balances himself very well with his supporting arm

They all show us: never to give up, but to believe in our strength.

Prices on request. We ship worldwide.

kōrā – maori term for “the goal”

whīoioi  – kinetic iron sculptures

Inspired by the sound of the waves and the wind in the North-Western Algarve, Portugal.

Four of these kinetic iron sculptures sway with the wind.


whioioi – maori term for “to shake, brandish, wave about”