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Until recently….

ATTENTION: During the NDR-Landpartie-Festival the artist Floriana can be met in person in the St.-Petri-Church.
So come on by for a chat.

Sunday, 27. Mai ’18 from 13:30 – 15:00.

Another new kinetic object was created especially for the occasion “Frauen zeigt Euch”, a group exhibition for International Women’s Day 2018.

“Les Fleurs Salées 2” (~ The Salty Flowers) symbolise the delicate balancing act that women have always performed on a daily basis:
in family, at work, in society.

A salty-sweet affair, which, due to its apparent lightness often gets underestimated.

A blue painting was added as a counterpart. 

Here you can feel the influence of  the surroundings of a work of art….how it primes the viewer of the work of art. Angel wings or not?


Schwebende Kunst/Floating Art” @ St.-Petri-Kirche

   Schrangenstr. 3, 23909 Ratzeburg

February >>> End of June 2018
Mo >>> Su from 10:00 – 16:00

Floriana is momentarily still on parental leave. Nonetheless in summer and autumn 2017 she had her first Exhibitions in her new, old home region in Northern Germany: 

SALZ + re-l-accelerate


Brand new kinetic objects and paintings on the topic SALT
as well as parts of my concept re-l-accelerate
are momentarily shown at SALZ.

Robert-Koch-Park, Mölln
Hindenburgstr. 13, 2.OG, 23879 Mölln

07. October ’17 >>> 19. November ’17
always Th, Fr, Sa, Su from 14:00-18:00

SALZ, a group exhibition of 16 regional and supraregional artists officially opens the new Kulturwerkstatt of the Lebenshilfewerke Mölln-Hagenow. A cultural arts center for the handicapped and the none-handicapped.

Supporting program:

Vernissage > 07. October ’17, Sa, from 13:00
The artists and organisers are welcoming you.

Special guided tours > 10. November ’17, Fr, between 14:00 and 18:00
In the context of the opening celebration of the new floristics Café and the new inclusive day-care-center of the LHW several special guided tours are offered for the art exhibition.

Finissage > 19. November ’17, Su, from 15:00
The artists and organisers are welcoming you to celebrate with them.

To all opening days we will welcome you with some refreshments.

Parts of the concept re-l-accelerate were shown at Dörfer zeigen Kunst during August/September 2017.

Dörfer zeigen Kunst – a rural exhibition spreading over 18 communities of the region “lakes of Lauenburg”- took place for the 14th time in a row.

In Bäk 8 female artists presented their work.

Previous Exhibitions before entering parental leave:

the photograms and glass paintings
of re-L-accelerate were previously exhibited 
in Brussels, Belgium & Dresden, Germany:

European Commission, Brussels

Committee of Regions, Brussels

Begramoff Gallery, Brussels

Room + Style & more, Dresden, BRD


Exhibition-catalogue of ‘re-l-accelerate’ @ EU-Kommission:

Between 2011 and 2014 Floriana exhibited other pieces of her work at internationally renowned fairs, such as:

ICCF, New York
Dwell on Design, Los Angeles
Salone del Mobile, Milan
Light + Building, Frankfurt
Schriftgut, Dresden

For more details, visit:

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