About Floriana

Floriana is a freelancing Fine Artist-
and graduated Product Designer

Floriana grew up in the Duchy of Lauenburg, Northern Germany.
Pursuing jobs, dreams and an academic education
literally took her around the world.
Now, after 20 years she has returned to her home region in 2016.
She is now based in Alt Mölln, Germany,
but was and is involved in projects worldwide.

Her academic major (2006-2010) was wood design, she has a master degree in design (ma) and started freelancing right after graduating-
due to winning a major invitation of tenders by the European Commission.

Floriana’s Applied Arts have already been exhibited
at renowned events in New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Frankfurt/Main –
all on personal invitation. For details go to www.kofloriana.com

In Mid-2014 she decided to focus more on the Fine Arts,

immediately resulting in 2 Solo-Exhibitions in Brussels, Belgium
(@ European Commission & Committee of Regions).

In Spring 2015 she gave birth to her first child.

Summer 2017 she gradually started freelancing again,
with exhibiting at Dörfer zeigen Kunst,
being followed bei SALZ in Winter 2017.

speaks German and English fluently; Spanish and French moderately.

Previously to entering the academic furniture- & product design education,
Floriana worked for many years in the film industry. Being a film producer, film & video editor, even radio speaker. Altogether she can look back onto 13 years of being involved in the creative economy.